Security isn’t just about viruses, unfortunately there are direct attacks on your system, spam mail, infiltration, spyware, adware or hacking of a machine, server or laptop. Your IT is basically under potential attack from many and varied directions most of the day and night.

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IT Security Services

Security is an absolute must for any business or home setup particularly from an IT perspective.

Now we can’t promise that all it needs is technology to stop this in its tracks. but it certainly helps having the right quality of equipment and being correctly configured.

A robust IT system starts with a good quality firewall to stop the worst getting into your machines. A router that understands business class security and top of the range anti-virus on every device – PC or server. All this needs to be setup securely to the best standards and managed and monitored closely.

With these systems in place you can have faith in your IT security; we can’t stop the attacks but we can minimize the risk.

So if you are a customer we can provide the major component of this solution – the anti-virus solution, which we can provide as a service and manage and monitor it, ensuring that your machines – be they servers or PCs or laptops – are safely protected. This will also ensure that anybody that you e-mail or connect to, can also be safe in the knowledge that you are maintaining the highest security standards possible.

If you’d like to talk some more about this then get in touch and we can discuss security in more detail.


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