Whether you need software or hardware if we’re working for you, we can provide what you need.

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Replace & Upgrade

If you’re on contract support it goes without saying that if you just want the job done then we can provide whatever is needed to fix or upgrade or update your system. If you’ve called us in because something isn’t working then we can provide the relevant and appropriate equipment to get you working again.

We’re able to provide you with anything from a cable to an entire office infrastructure to a piece of software. And we’re totally vendor neutral so we won’t push a particular manufacturer’s equipment; we will always recommend the right equipment for the job. Even better with us you get value added products, we can supply it, set it up and show you how to use it effectively; a far cry from some of the “box shifting” retailers.

Call us now on 0333 80000 87 or email us on enquiries@pukkagentek.com to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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