Cloud services can be classed as any IT service or data storage that is not run primarily and locally from your own server or PC or laptop in your own premises.

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Cloud software and Storage

This approach of remotely run systems and programs and remotely stored data provides a flexibility and robustness that are difficult to provide comparable systems for locally, unless massive amounts of money and complexity of services are applied to them. Therefore cost saving and anywhere, anytime, anyplace services are the story behind this technology.

We can sell you Cloud services in a wide variance and in many guises, the main solutions being provided by some of our partners, specifically Microsoft and their Office365 offering which is the outstanding and comprehensive Cloud system encompassing e-mail and calendar, file sharing and storage remotely, access to Microsoft Office programs.


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Additional Software

Systems also available include SAAS (Software as a Service) rather than bought on disk, subscription systems allow you to access software remotely and download or use remotely, and virtualisation and hosted servers and desktops. 

The complexity of available solutions is such that we would recommend a bespoke offering which can only be arrived at by conversation and discussion as to your needs and requirements. If you are interested in any Cloud products or even in a further in depth discussion as to what is available or how it could work for your business then please get in touch and we’d be happy to take this a stage further.

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