Business Owners or Home Users - Are you worried about loss of data? About losing this all important files and information? PukkaGenTek has the right backup solutions for you.

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For Business

If your business suffers a catastrophic loss of a server or even linchpin computers or a severe reduction in a particular business system, this can be potentially damaging or at the least aggravating.

Figures released recently show that “93% of businesses that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year thereafter”. To a business, data stored and held with no backup, if lost can be so massively damaging that the impact cannot sometimes be recovered from.

Recommendations for data backup suggest Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plans should be firmly in place and this includes having your data in at least three places preferably on three media types. 

For our contract customers we can provide various flavours and types of backup solutions starting with our Rapid Recovery backup which provides onsite backup of the entire server or workstation and as the name implies can recover the entire lost data very quickly. We can also provide solutions for reasonably cost effective offsite solutions or sell complete offsite cloud based solutions. All our products are managed and monitored and alert customers with backup results so maintaining complete up to date information on the state of backup schemes.

These fiendishly complex and difficult to maintain backup systems are taken on by us for your business where we take responsibility for the daily functioning of these systems, and the messaging and alerting system built inside of them.

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For Home

Have you ever considered how devastated you would be if all your photos were lost by a computer failure. Think of the emotional pain of losing irreplaceable holiday or wedding shots or anything that is personal to you and yours. Or maybe you have valued letters or documents that are unique to you in any way. 

We can provide you as customer with the same level of backup support that we offer to business customers but for a ridiculously low price per month.

Therefore we could offer onsite and offsite solutions or cloud based backups dependant on how comprehensive you wanted your backup to be and provide alerts and messaging as to the state of your daily backups. We would provide managed and monitored systems so that we can keep you aware of how your backups are performing.

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