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When your IT stops working, whatever the level of problem and whether you are a business or a home user, you just want somebody to turn up on your doorstep and fix the problem - you've just found the answer - PukkaGenTek.

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For Business

If your business suffers a catastrophic loss of a server or even linchpin computers or a severe reduction in a particular business system, this can be potentially damaging or at the least aggravating. Also the question is not when but definitely if; as good as IT systems are these days they are still pieces of amazing hardware and software overflowing with detailed complexity open to any number of problems apart from external influences and actual attacks by hackers and spammers.

If your business suffers from the huge number of potential issues that can wreak havoc in a business workplace or if you need a detailed piece of consultancy to carry out a specific upgrade, update, build or install or setup with a complex software or hardware configuration., then you need to speak to us.

It may be that you require us to provide support for your own internal IT people, or that you do not have contracted support or IT staff and need help, advice or support as an independent piece of work or repair. Alternatively you could be suffering a massive system failure and need immediate help and support to allow you to get working again.

Whichever or however the need arises if you as a company or business require PukkaGenTek to provide qualified, experienced engineers to help in any way than please get in touch to discuss your needs and arrange for this to happen.

We are here for you, if you need help please get in touch.

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For Home

When your computer or laptop decides not to play the game anymore or you can’t carry out a setup, make it run at a decent pace anymore or a virus has hit you hard where do you turn? Ideally you would have a relative or friend who lives close by and has all the time in the world and is an up to date IT support professional.

If that is not the case though then you need to get in touch with us and we will resolve all your PC or laptop issues or tell you that it cannot be economically repaired or what exactly will need doing to make it the wonderful fantastic machine it used to be.

We will give you 2 hours of one of our engineer’s expertise and professional knowledge and skill to review and diagnose and if possible fix the issue. However, if the device needs more than 2 hours then not to worry we cap our home pricing at 2 hours’ worth but we will work through to fix the problem.

We will provide friendly, competent and experienced engineers who speak English not technical jargon that you cannot understand and will tell you exactly what needs doing but will not suggest anything that is unwanted or expensive just for the sake of it. 

If you have a problem with your IT device or maybe your home network and just don’t know where to turn or maybe have been let down before then come to us and we will provide a friendly, honest and skilled engineer in the comfort of your own home – so no need to try and disconnect all those wires and boxes and cart your PC down the shop.

So, if all seems lost, contact us and we’ll discuss whether we can help you and arrange to come to your house to fix the problem.

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